The Web Host Guru, And Transferring Your Web Site

Many web site owners have trouble deciding how best to transfer their site from one host to another. And the truth is that this can be a delicate business, especially when the host offers domain name registration in addition to its hosting services. But in keeping it simple, your migration from one company to another can be virtually seamless. This seamless transition begins with making a backup of everything you plan to take with you to your new host. This will ensure that nothing important is left behind.

Your DNS settings should be researched before your move actually occurs. By waiting until the last minute to do this, you may cause yourself undue stress. Ensure that you know exactly where your domain name is registered before you move your account. This can be done by doing a ‘whois’ lookup. Grabbing as many deals as you can, including those special offers, can mean you save a lot on your hosting in the long run. And of course, there are many other useful tips about hosting available from The Web Host Guru. It’s always a good idea to have a site that’s full of professional advice in your toolbox when looking to change your hosting provider.