The IOU Calculator Reveals How to Deal with Debt Related to a Mortgage

Not very many people find it all that enjoyable to be mired in debt. Let us be honest. No one wishes to be buried in debt of any amount. However, financial problems can arise and people will end up in a serious debt situation.  They might take one look at the IOU calculator they have and start to panic. Some might even look for unique and novel ways out of their debt. In truth, there is nothing wrong whatsoever with looking for a way out of debt. However, using your mortgage as a means of getting out of debt might not always be the wisest strategy.

It is possible to weave short term small amounts of debt into a mortgage loan. This practice was actually more common than you would think prior to 2007. Today, there are more requirements for higher down payments due to new laws, rules and regulations. The higher down payments make structuring debt consolidation into a mortgage  much harder. And in all honesty, this may be deemed a good thing.  More debt weaved into the mortgage means more you have to pay on the mortgage.  Why create such hassles when there are other, easier ways to deal with debt consolidation such as taking out a home equity loan and using that instead?