The IOU Calculator and the Rare Good News About Debt

No one likes to owe money, but there will always be debts owed in life to some degree or another. You might even be able to make the case that certain debts are not even all that bad. A mortgage is a debt, but it reflects the beautiful home you live in. Once you pay that mortgage off, the home is yours free and clear. You might wish to run the a few stats through the IOU calculator so you can see how long it will be before you pay the home off if you make your minimum monthly mortgage payment. You might find out making a few minor alterations to how you go about repaying the mortgage can have a solid effect.

For example, paying as little as an additional $100 per month on a mortgage might end up shaving a two or more years off the final payment date of the loan. Those wishing to make a quicker payoff of their look should look at figures such as these as they can prove enormously insightful.

Similarly, the figures you examine when you use a mortgage loan calculator might reveal it would be extremely wise to weight options for refinancing the loan. Sometimes, the mortgage interest rate you think is a good one might actually be dragging out the time it takes to pay the loan and own your home free and clear.