The Internet Safety Guide Discusses Different Internet Perspectives

If you are a parent who thinks that they are up to speed on what then child is doing online, and that this includes paying bills online, doing research, emailing and surfing, then your perspective may just need to change. The reality is that today’s kids don’t use the internet at all the way their parents do. Instead of emailing, they text. Instead of surfing, it’s social networking. Today’s kids want their internet experience to be as interactive as possible, which means becoming members of chat communities, playing online games with people from around the world, as well as being more willing to engage in online behavior that can push the envelope.

And so if you want to talk with your child about the internet’s dangers, it’s crucial that you are able to communicate the importance of those dangers effectively to your child. But how is this possible, when kids are so connected, and so early? The Internet Safety Guide suggests that parents begin by teaching themselves about the technologies their children are using. This could mean signing up for a social media account, trying Twitter, and learning how privacy settings work.