The Internet Safety Guide, And Consequences For Breaking House Net Rules

Some interesting information about house internet rules was recently released. The focus of the study was on kids, and how they were affected when they broke the rules for using the internet while at home. It was found that over eighty percent of rule-breaking kids ended up having a bad online experience. Those kids who followed the rules were better off, with only 52% of them having a negative experience online. Some of the bad things that happened to kids when they surfed included cyber bullying, the inadvertent download of a virus, and pressure to engage in negative activity.

Where teachers were concerned, an interesting phenomenon called “cyberbaiting” took place among 21% of them. This is where a teacher is taunted or distressed by their students, who then record and upload their reaction to the internet. The Internet Safety Guide warns teachers that they can be in danger of this with any child in their classroom. Not only can the fact that the incident was uploaded be embarrassing, but any lapse in judgment can live forever online. But the news is more positive than it looks, because almost 100% of parents reported that they were aware of what their kids were searching for online.