The Home Protection Geek Examines Home Invasions

homeThere is nothing more frightening than a home invasion. Home invasions are far more troubling than burglaries. A burglary occurs when someone opts to break into a home when no one is there. A home invasion is much worse. Home invaders engage in armed robbery and will frequently terrorize someone living in a home. Home invaders can often be prone to great violence and they are frequently armed. The Home Protection Geek definitely takes the stance you have to put effort into preventing such incidents from occurring.

Obviously, homeowners want to avoid having to deal with home invasions. There are few things to realize about home invaders and this knowledge can aid in reducing the potential to deal with them.

In general, home invaders will target single women, the elderly and those with wealth. They also have a tendency to strike very late the evening/early in the morning such as between the hours of 11PM and 4AM. That said, they will also target homes at dinner time because many do not find a knock on the door all that out of the ordinary.

While the entire notion of dealing with a home invader is a scary proposition, the same steps that can keep out a burglar can deter home invaders: light, locks, dogs, and alarms. If the invaders cannot breach entry to the home or do so easily, they just might make a target of it.