Should You Gamble On Your Weight Loss? The Diet Mindset Answers

The sport of betting brings to mind images of big floppy hats and horse tracks, of casinos and poker tables. But have you ever thought about betting on weight loss? Although many people haven’t, this appears to be a trend that’s growing in popularity all over the country. Whether it’s at the gym, in your exercise class, at work or with your spouse, placing your bets on who can lose weight the fastest is actually resulting in big losses – of excess pounds, that is.

A recent study revealed that among weight loss wagers, those that involved money actually resulted in five times the goals reached as those that did not contain a monetary incentive. In two groups where one consisted of money-driven dieters and the others a no-money wager, the cash craving group managed to lose sixteen pounds in as many weeks. Only just over 10% of the no-money group were able to reach those goals.

Those who are experts in behavior say that the combination of ego, bragging rights and money is a proven formula for staying motivated. Because when you look at food or exercise in terms of money lost or gained, it suddenly takes on an entirely new meaning. Paying $50 for a piece of cake may seem ridiculous, unless you are thinking about eating it and it could cause you to lose your weight loss wager.

And betting on weight loss can also mean that you stick harder to your goals. In a bet of this nature, there are no excuses; you can’t put off losing the weight until another day, because there is a deadline involved. The stakes are also higher; not only may there be money involved, but falling off the wagon just once can result in a lot of lost ground.

Those who are driven to compete may also be best motivated by making bets to lose weight. There are millions of people who just can’t stand the thought of losing a bet. This is because for them, losing can be as embarrassing as having a piece of toilet paper stuck to your shoe.

But in addition to benefiting this personality type, making weight loss bets can actually make you feel good. This is because the act of gambling produces the same chemicals in the brain as cocaine and morphine use do. And of course, doing things this way can actually help you to stay on track with your weight loss plan, as other people are watching your progress.

But how can you get started on the weight loss betting trend? The Diet Mindset recommends checking with those you know. Do you have any friends or family members who want to lose weight but are unsure as to how to go about being successful? Even if you don’t know anyone, you can bet against yourself, donating your ‘mad money’ to charity when you fail to meet your goals. There are even web sites devoted to the weight loss betting trends which offer many ways to enter into weight loss wagers.