Knowing Portals Means You Can Safeguard Your Home

One of the most overlooked aspects of home security would be the issue of portals. Portals, in the simplest of terms, would be those points of entry into a home. A portal is most commonly a doorway or a window. Specifically, it would be a entry way directly into the house or a specific room. For those concerned about home security, boosting the safety of a room means making it difficult or outright unappealing to actually enter through a portal. A common theme among all criminals such as burglars and home invaders will be they look for easy points of access and soft targets. When it is too difficult to enter through a portal, the effort of breaking into a home just becomes too much. An experienced criminal realizes an easier to break into house is likely right around the corner. The HSS Geek covers a lot of insights such as these.

This is certainly not to suggest the locks on high security doors or windows will be enough to deter a criminal. Sometimes, a burglar or home invader will be more willing to take perceived risks. That means an attempt will be made to outright break through a portal. Alarms come enormously in handy here since they will be tripped once the intruder breaches entry to the home. At this point, the intruder likely will seek to leave to avoid detection by law enforcement.