Get the Latest About Online Dangers With The Internet Safety Guide

Although your children may want to be or already are a part of some kind of social network and may know there are privacy settings available to them, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are 100% safe when they go online. Their social network profile can be at great risk of catching a virus if your kids are using the Flash games that so many social networking sites offer access to. This is because Flash is very easy to embed malicious code into.

Protecting your kids begins with ensuring that any antivirus software on the computer they are using is up to date as far as virus definitions go. As well, regular scans of the computer should be being conducted to ensure there aren’t any ongoing infections. And recognizing the many ways in which a hacker or virus can disguise themselves is another great defense. Many online scams begin with some kind of message being sent to the victim that causes the victim to believe it’s a friend who is getting in touch. And so The Internet Safety Guide cautions against believing everything you read online, no matter who it may appear to be sent from. Another suggestion is to ensure that any suspicious games or links are reported to the proper authority as soon as they are discovered.