The Internet Safety Guide Discusses Different Internet Perspectives

If you are a parent who thinks that they are up to speed on what then child is doing online, and that this includes paying bills online, doing research, emailing and surfing, then your perspective may just need to change. The reality is that today’s kids don’t use the internet at all the way their parents do. Instead of emailing, they text. Instead of surfing, it’s social networking. Today’s kids want their internet experience to be as interactive as possible, which means becoming members of chat communities, playing online games with people from around the world, as well as being more willing to engage in online behavior that can push the envelope.

And so if you want to talk with your child about the internet’s dangers, it’s crucial that you are able to communicate the importance of those dangers effectively to your child. But how is this possible, when kids are so connected, and so early? The Internet Safety Guide suggests that parents begin by teaching themselves about the technologies their children are using. This could mean signing up for a social media account, trying Twitter, and learning how privacy settings work.

The Internet Safety Guide Helps Parents To Get Familiar With Common Internet Terms

We all want to keep our kids safe from harm when they are using the internet. But if you are a parent that is not computer or internet savvy, you may be wondering where to start. And there is no need to feel embarrassed, as there are many parents who don’t use a computer on a regular basis. If you are a parent and want to know more about the programs your kids are using while they are online, there are a few things you need to be aware of. One of these is social media, and it is important, because social media has become a way for millions of kids to interact with each other online.

Social media, or social networking sites are those that allow friends to connect with each other via tools such as blogs, email, photos and a profile. Facebook is a well-known social networking site, according to The Internet Safety Guide. Should a child create a profile on a social networking site, they can then use it to share their photos and opinions about things, post comments on what their friends share, and talk to their friends via real-time chat and messaging.  The important thing to know about social media sites is that viruses and other forms of malware can spread quickly, and so it`s important to protect your computer with an anti-virus program.

Knowing Portals Means You Can Safeguard Your Home

One of the most overlooked aspects of home security would be the issue of portals. Portals, in the simplest of terms, would be those points of entry into a home. A portal is most commonly a doorway or a window. Specifically, it would be a entry way directly into the house or a specific room. For those concerned about home security, boosting the safety of a room means making it difficult or outright unappealing to actually enter through a portal. A common theme among all criminals such as burglars and home invaders will be they look for easy points of access and soft targets. When it is too difficult to enter through a portal, the effort of breaking into a home just becomes too much. An experienced criminal realizes an easier to break into house is likely right around the corner. The HSS Geek covers a lot of insights such as these.

This is certainly not to suggest the locks on high security doors or windows will be enough to deter a criminal. Sometimes, a burglar or home invader will be more willing to take perceived risks. That means an attempt will be made to outright break through a portal. Alarms come enormously in handy here since they will be tripped once the intruder breaches entry to the home. At this point, the intruder likely will seek to leave to avoid detection by law enforcement.

The Safety and Security of Your Home is a Serious Matter

Is there such a thing as taking home security too serious? The answer, in the most basic of terms, would be a definitive no. You can never take the safety and security of your home too seriously. The greatest crime you could commit would be not to take the safety of your home serious enough. You can never be too careful when it comes to taking time out to care for the safety of your home.

The one issue you might find yourself guilty of would be to be overly worried or paranoid about the safety of your home. At some point, you have to put worry aside and keep yourself from constantly stressing over your home and any threats it may face. As long as you take the steps to properly secure it, a host of serious issues can be avoided.  Just ask The Home Protection Geek.

This is not to suggest there will be a time when you let your guard down. Becoming complacent with your security. Upgrades to current home security systems such as alarms or lighting fixtures might be required. A yearly audit of the security of the home would also be advisable. While it is true you should never ignore security concerns, you should not brood over them either.

The Home Protection Geek Examines Home Invasions

homeThere is nothing more frightening than a home invasion. Home invasions are far more troubling than burglaries. A burglary occurs when someone opts to break into a home when no one is there. A home invasion is much worse. Home invaders engage in armed robbery and will frequently terrorize someone living in a home. Home invaders can often be prone to great violence and they are frequently armed. The Home Protection Geek definitely takes the stance you have to put effort into preventing such incidents from occurring.

Obviously, homeowners want to avoid having to deal with home invasions. There are few things to realize about home invaders and this knowledge can aid in reducing the potential to deal with them.

In general, home invaders will target single women, the elderly and those with wealth. They also have a tendency to strike very late the evening/early in the morning such as between the hours of 11PM and 4AM. That said, they will also target homes at dinner time because many do not find a knock on the door all that out of the ordinary.

While the entire notion of dealing with a home invader is a scary proposition, the same steps that can keep out a burglar can deter home invaders: light, locks, dogs, and alarms. If the invaders cannot breach entry to the home or do so easily, they just might make a target of it.

The Home Protection Geek Offers Insights on Preventive Measures

There are quite a few insights that have been made about home protection over the years. Many will ponder what they will do if an intruder ever breaks into their home while they are there. It is certainly very important to understand what to do in such a dangerous scenario. However, it is also critical to know that preventive measures are the best to pursue. To put it bluntly, you will have a much easier time if the intruder does not even try to break into your home than if he breaches its interior. The Home Protection Geek is an excellent resource for reading up on the ways to prevent someone from entering a home. Once you take the necessary security steps to make your home less of a target, you will find it becomes much easier to make it less likely you have to confront a burglar that might be extremely dangerous.

Most preventive steps can be quite easy. Installing a home security system and broadcasting this fact via a sign on the front lawn will likely leave many burglars to go elsewhere. This means you do not have to run the risk of a confrontation. Easily, that would be the best scenario.

The Basics are Critical for Home Security

Do you have to be an expert in home security to keep yourself safe? It definitely does not hurt to be an expert, but it takes quite a bit of work to reach a level of expertise. The time to start making your home safer was yesterday. So, what can you do? You must commence learning what is required in order to make your home safer. Among the best ways to do this would be to start reading about the subject. There may be a few things that will take a while to become something you are highly familiar with, there are other things that will quickly reveal themselves.

The Basics are Often the Most Important

The basics of home security are the most important thing to be mindful of. While some might think that burglars are super criminals that can figure mysterious means of breaking into a home, the truth is a lot of burglaries occur when a crook merely tries a door and find it unlocked or merely enters through an open window. Why would people take such risks and leave their doors and windows unlocked? The truth is they do not see it as much of a risk. They likely assume their neighborhood is safe and there is nothing they have to fear. Such an attitude can prove to be very dangerous. Actually, ignoring any of the basics of keeping your home safe can be potentially dangerous.

In addition to keeping doors and windows locked, there are other simple basics to be aware of:

  • Do not answer doors without looking through peepholes or otherwise identifying the person at the door
  • Have motion detector lights placed around a home
  • Cut branches and shrubs so they do not offer cover to someone trying to break into the home
  • Become active in or start a local neighborhood watch

All of these steps are relatively easy and they can lead to immediate improvements in home security.

Taking Things to the Next Level

Those wishing to further their ability to improve their safety may wish to invest more time learning about crime and even the criminal mind. Reading an excellent website such as is a excellent strategy for learning simple tips and insights on how to stay safe. Those wishing to take things further might want to read and review books written by experts on the subject of self-defense and home security. Sociological and psychological profiles are found in more academic treatises on the subject. Reading such works definitely is helpful for those wishing to gain a broad range of knowledge on the subject. Such enhanced knowledge might very well prove to be worth the effort. The more you know about a particular subject, the more you can put such knowledge to practical use. In this case, such practical use may enhance your safety immensely.