Being On Time with Insurance Payments

Staying on time with life insurance payments is an absolute must. There are times when you might be a little short on cash, but this is assuredly not a reason to avoid making a payment. Missing a payment can have disastrous consequences among them being the policy could be canceled.

It is best to be sure how much of a grace period you have when sending in a payment. This way, if you cannot make the payment on time, you do know how much leeway you have to work with. For example, there may be a 30 day grace period so if the premium payment is due on the first of the money, you will have until the 30th to make a payment.

Different life insurance companies will have different rules so you will need to double check with the customer service department to be sure what you have to work with.

Among the worst possible steps you could take would be to not make a payment, assume you are fine and not contact the life insurance company. All the companies on The State Insurance Guide likely are willing to help those suffering from financial woes. That said, no one should simply ignore their responsibilities and not call in when a problem arises as this can lead to a policy being canceled.