The Web Host Guru Gives Advice About Setting Up Your Hosting Account

If you’re getting ready to set up your first web site, you have much left to do. But that doesn’t mean any of your upcoming web site tasks needs to be difficult. First, you have to determine your needs where it comes to web site hosting. This will involve the amount of disk space you think you will need, whether or not you will have a database, how many email accounts you want, and the purpose of your site – personal or business. Once that’s done, you will need to compare companies, which will involve looking at the server space, support, traffic reports and similar features each host offers.

Once your hosting account has been opened, you will have to choose which plan you want. And here is where you may wish to take the most time, as most site hosts offer several options so that many needs can be accommodated. suggests that a host may also offer online backup services, which can definitely come in handy should something go wrong with your computer or web site. A good piece of advice with web hosts is to keep in mind that it might be 24 hours until you can upload any files for your web site once you’ve set up your hosting account.

The Internet Safety Guide Discusses Different Internet Perspectives

If you are a parent who thinks that they are up to speed on what then child is doing online, and that this includes paying bills online, doing research, emailing and surfing, then your perspective may just need to change. The reality is that today’s kids don’t use the internet at all the way their parents do. Instead of emailing, they text. Instead of surfing, it’s social networking. Today’s kids want their internet experience to be as interactive as possible, which means becoming members of chat communities, playing online games with people from around the world, as well as being more willing to engage in online behavior that can push the envelope.

And so if you want to talk with your child about the internet’s dangers, it’s crucial that you are able to communicate the importance of those dangers effectively to your child. But how is this possible, when kids are so connected, and so early? The Internet Safety Guide suggests that parents begin by teaching themselves about the technologies their children are using. This could mean signing up for a social media account, trying Twitter, and learning how privacy settings work.

Do You Know The Difference Between Data Transfer And Bandwidth? The Web Host Guru Does

Although they are very close in relation, the differences between data transfer and bandwidth are many. Yet, more often than not, the two terms are used interchangeably by web hosting companies. Both terms have to do with the transfer of data. Data transfer refers to the amount of data being transferred, where bandwidth is the amount of data that is able to be transferred at one time.

Thinking about a roadway, data transfer can be thought of as the vehicles which use the highway to get to where they are going. Bandwidth is the roadway itself. The more lanes it has, the more vehicles that can use it. If your web host offers a low amount of bandwidth, this will mean a site that takes a long time to load, regardless of the speed of internet your visitor may have.

Sites that are hosted on low-bandwidth accounts will often lament that their site is unavailable to visitors, which is what happens when maximum bandwidth limits have been reached. This is easily remedied by increasing your bandwidth amount. Or, you can wait until the following month, when your bandwidth limitations should once again reset themselves.

For the new web host, determining how much bandwidth is required can be challenging. Figuring out how much bandwidth you may need will involve calculating how much bandwidth will be sufficient to ensure that your visitors do not experience any unavailability. Those who already have a web site will be able to glean this information from their log or visitor files.

For those who do not have their own web site, figuring out the amount of bandwidth needed may be more difficult. This will require figuring out averages for a few factors, including the size of each page, including graphics, how many pages per visitors are expected to be viewed, and how many visitors are expected to come to your site.

Then, you will need to multiply the number of expected visitors by the size of your pages. Then, multiply this number by thirty. This will give you an estimate for how much downloading will be occurring by visitors to your site each month.

If the number is high, you can reduce it by reducing the amount of graphics and other resource-eating content on your web site. You may also want to avoid using products like Flash, and refrain from embedding certain code like CSS and JavaScript into every page. Comments, white space and tags can also contribute to bandwidth usage.

While META tags continue to be a very useful tool, limiting them to only where they are necessary can also be helpful to reducing bandwidth. And a little-known bandwidth-saving tip is to cache your site. Believe it or not, this can save up to forty percent of your bandwidth. There are many tips like these offered by resource sites like The Web Host Guru. Using a site like this can be a definite help when trying to figure out how to use your host’s resources as effectively as possible.

Should You Gamble On Your Weight Loss? The Diet Mindset Answers

The sport of betting brings to mind images of big floppy hats and horse tracks, of casinos and poker tables. But have you ever thought about betting on weight loss? Although many people haven’t, this appears to be a trend that’s growing in popularity all over the country. Whether it’s at the gym, in your exercise class, at work or with your spouse, placing your bets on who can lose weight the fastest is actually resulting in big losses – of excess pounds, that is.

A recent study revealed that among weight loss wagers, those that involved money actually resulted in five times the goals reached as those that did not contain a monetary incentive. In two groups where one consisted of money-driven dieters and the others a no-money wager, the cash craving group managed to lose sixteen pounds in as many weeks. Only just over 10% of the no-money group were able to reach those goals.

Those who are experts in behavior say that the combination of ego, bragging rights and money is a proven formula for staying motivated. Because when you look at food or exercise in terms of money lost or gained, it suddenly takes on an entirely new meaning. Paying $50 for a piece of cake may seem ridiculous, unless you are thinking about eating it and it could cause you to lose your weight loss wager.

And betting on weight loss can also mean that you stick harder to your goals. In a bet of this nature, there are no excuses; you can’t put off losing the weight until another day, because there is a deadline involved. The stakes are also higher; not only may there be money involved, but falling off the wagon just once can result in a lot of lost ground.

Those who are driven to compete may also be best motivated by making bets to lose weight. There are millions of people who just can’t stand the thought of losing a bet. This is because for them, losing can be as embarrassing as having a piece of toilet paper stuck to your shoe.

But in addition to benefiting this personality type, making weight loss bets can actually make you feel good. This is because the act of gambling produces the same chemicals in the brain as cocaine and morphine use do. And of course, doing things this way can actually help you to stay on track with your weight loss plan, as other people are watching your progress.

But how can you get started on the weight loss betting trend? The Diet Mindset recommends checking with those you know. Do you have any friends or family members who want to lose weight but are unsure as to how to go about being successful? Even if you don’t know anyone, you can bet against yourself, donating your ‘mad money’ to charity when you fail to meet your goals. There are even web sites devoted to the weight loss betting trends which offer many ways to enter into weight loss wagers.

Part Of The Diet Mindset – Eating Healthily At Unhealthy Restaurants

If you are on the road a lot during your work day, then you are no doubt faced with a number of temptations. And it can seem very unfair that the best looking and tasting foods are usually the ones with the highest calories and the least nutrients. But one shining ray of hope is in what seems to be a new trend for many fast food restaurants: the addition of healthy options to their menus. Many of these places now offer a selection of fruits and yogurts, in addition to healthy meals.

So for example, you can turn down a burger, and enjoy a grilled chicken wrap instead. While it may not taste like that greasy slab of beef you’ve become used to, this is part of changing The Diet Mindset by developing new habits and tastes. Another alternative to unhealthy food is opting for a Panini or sandwich as opposed to eating breaded chicken or a cheese burger. Salads are also available at many fast food locations nowadays. And if you can find one that offers a salad topped with fruit and nuts as well as vegetables, you can get closer to your daily requirements in these servings more quickly.


Knowing Portals Means You Can Safeguard Your Home

One of the most overlooked aspects of home security would be the issue of portals. Portals, in the simplest of terms, would be those points of entry into a home. A portal is most commonly a doorway or a window. Specifically, it would be a entry way directly into the house or a specific room. For those concerned about home security, boosting the safety of a room means making it difficult or outright unappealing to actually enter through a portal. A common theme among all criminals such as burglars and home invaders will be they look for easy points of access and soft targets. When it is too difficult to enter through a portal, the effort of breaking into a home just becomes too much. An experienced criminal realizes an easier to break into house is likely right around the corner. The HSS Geek covers a lot of insights such as these.

This is certainly not to suggest the locks on high security doors or windows will be enough to deter a criminal. Sometimes, a burglar or home invader will be more willing to take perceived risks. That means an attempt will be made to outright break through a portal. Alarms come enormously in handy here since they will be tripped once the intruder breaches entry to the home. At this point, the intruder likely will seek to leave to avoid detection by law enforcement.

The Challenge to the IOU Calculator: Looking at Secured and Unsecured Debt

Debt comes in many different forms. There are two major categories of debt though and they would be secured and unsecured debt. The difference between these two forms of debt are significant. Unsecured debt would be any money owed not connected to collateral. Credit cards, lines of credit, and personal loans would be these types of debts. Secured debt would be something along the lines of a home mortgage or a car loan. Hence, they are deemed secured because an underlying asset can be seized in the event of a default. Unsecured debt is not connected to any assets. This is not to suggest though, there will be not ramifications if unsecured debt is defaulted upon.

When you default on unsecured debt. Your credit rating will be wrecked. You also might end up being sued so the lender can recover the debt owed. Those thinking they can get away from paying unsecured debt will be in for a rude awakening.

Those with secured debt such as mortgages also face the threat of foreclosure, which is certainly not a good scenario.

Often, problems with loans derive from high interest rates. When you run your unsecured or secured debt figures through The IOU Calculator and feel your interest rates are too high, you may wish to consider refinancing. This might be the best way to get out of a bad situation and avoid problems.

The Home Protection Geek Examines Home Invasions

homeThere is nothing more frightening than a home invasion. Home invasions are far more troubling than burglaries. A burglary occurs when someone opts to break into a home when no one is there. A home invasion is much worse. Home invaders engage in armed robbery and will frequently terrorize someone living in a home. Home invaders can often be prone to great violence and they are frequently armed. The Home Protection Geek definitely takes the stance you have to put effort into preventing such incidents from occurring.

Obviously, homeowners want to avoid having to deal with home invasions. There are few things to realize about home invaders and this knowledge can aid in reducing the potential to deal with them.

In general, home invaders will target single women, the elderly and those with wealth. They also have a tendency to strike very late the evening/early in the morning such as between the hours of 11PM and 4AM. That said, they will also target homes at dinner time because many do not find a knock on the door all that out of the ordinary.

While the entire notion of dealing with a home invader is a scary proposition, the same steps that can keep out a burglar can deter home invaders: light, locks, dogs, and alarms. If the invaders cannot breach entry to the home or do so easily, they just might make a target of it.

The IOU Calculator Reveals How to Deal with Debt Related to a Mortgage

Not very many people find it all that enjoyable to be mired in debt. Let us be honest. No one wishes to be buried in debt of any amount. However, financial problems can arise and people will end up in a serious debt situation.  They might take one look at the IOU calculator they have and start to panic. Some might even look for unique and novel ways out of their debt. In truth, there is nothing wrong whatsoever with looking for a way out of debt. However, using your mortgage as a means of getting out of debt might not always be the wisest strategy.

It is possible to weave short term small amounts of debt into a mortgage loan. This practice was actually more common than you would think prior to 2007. Today, there are more requirements for higher down payments due to new laws, rules and regulations. The higher down payments make structuring debt consolidation into a mortgage  much harder. And in all honesty, this may be deemed a good thing.  More debt weaved into the mortgage means more you have to pay on the mortgage.  Why create such hassles when there are other, easier ways to deal with debt consolidation such as taking out a home equity loan and using that instead?

Mortgage and Fiscal Woes: How to Get a Handle on Them

No one wants to be caught in the sea storm of a bad financial situation. However, such problems can and do arise. The question here is what do you wish to do about the situation so as to reverse it. One tried and true method would be to look at your fiscal woes and take right steps to correct the problems you are embattled with. Refinancing your mortgage could be among the best steps to take since this would lead you to acquiring a much lower interest rate that would make your monthly mortgage premiums much more affordable.

Taking Care of Your Finances is a Must

Many with bad credit and difficult financial woes find it very hard to pay their mortgage. This is a very dire situation to be in because it can lead you down the path to foreclosure which is certainly not where anyone would wish to find him/herself. Therefore, it is best to avoid a number of the common mistakes that can lead to finances ending up in arrears and, in turn, leading one down the path of financial ruin.
(  is an excellent resource to bookmark since it can help you get solid stats on your finances)

Spending Over One’s Means

A major reasons why so many end up in fiscal woes is they spent far more than their means allow. In some cases, this is because they assume they will make the same amount of money every year when their income can fluctuate. A small business owner could earn a $100,000 profit for two years in a row, but the laws of economics dictate they may only make a $30,000 profit the third year, a $10,000 profit the forth year, suffer a $10,000 loss for two years, and then bounce back to a $55,000 profit in the 7th year. The problem is so many will create a lifestyle the very first year that assumes a $100,000 profit for a decade. Buying a too costly home would be one common error many make when in such a scenario.

Not Paying Attention to Finances

Not everyone looks very closely at his or her finances. As a result, their finances will get away from them. They simply do not look at the accounting and, as a result, they end up suffering from serious financial and fiscal woes as a result. To avoid such scenarios, it is critical to stay on top of finances. In some cases, refinancing a mortgage would be a necessary step to take.

Not Caring About Tax Requirements

The tax man may not knock on your door the day after you opt not to file a tax return, but he will eventually knock. That means state, federal and city tax officials will come knocking. And it is not just income tax they will seek. They will be looking for the money owed to them. Not paying taxes will lead a person to financial ruin and once you are financially ruined, you may end up in foreclosure.

Taking Care of Your Mortgage

To help get your fiscal house in order (literally!), you may wish to refinance your mortgage. Obviously, you do want to take the right steps to refinance so you should refer to a solid guide capable of helping you make good decisions.